The terminology outlined below is used to express the various forms of cut bricks used in brick masonry construction.

1. near

It is the part of the brick cut along the length in such a way that a long face is left intact.

2. queen close

When a brick is cut along its length and divided into two equal parts, it is called queen close, Thus a queen is roughly a part of a broken brick whose width is half as wide as the original brick. it is also called as queen about half,

3. Queen’s Closer Quarter

If a nearby queen is divided into two equal pieces, then it is called queen close quarter, Thus there is a piece of brick approximately that is a quarter of the size of the brick.

Close up of different forms of queen
Close up of different forms of queen

4. king closure

If a brick is cut in such a way that the breadth of one end becomes half of the width of the entire brick, while the width of the other end becomes equal to the full width, what is it called? king close, This is achieved by cutting a triangular part of the brick between the center (breadth side) of one end and the center (lat side) of the other end. Thus it has half a header and half a stretcher face.

5. beveled closure

It is a variant of the king in which the entire length of the brick (i.e. the stretcher face) is chamfered or beveled in such a way that half the width remains at one end and full width at the other end.

6. Mitered Closure

It is a section of a brick whose one end is cut to the full width or cut from the clay. Angle of play 45 . may differ from0 from 600, Thus one long face of the mitred is the full length of the brick while the other long face is shorter in length.

King Curry - Beveled Close - Mitraded Close
King Curry – Beveled Close – Mitraded Close

7. bat

When a brick is cut across the width, the resulting piece is called bat, Thus a bat is smaller in length than a whole brick.

8. share half

If the length of the bat is equal to half the length of the original brick, it is known as half a quarter,

9. say three quarters

It is a form of brick bat whose length is equal to three quarters of the length of a full brick.

10. beveled talk

brick bat is called beveled bat, when its width has become beveled.

Different forms of brick bat
Different forms of brick bat

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