Good wood should have the following properties:

1. hardness

A good quality lumber should be hard enough to avoid spoilage.

2. Strength

It must have sufficient strength to resist heavy structural loads.

3. toughness

It must have sufficient rigidity to resist shock due to vibration. It should not break in bending and should resist splitting. Timbers with narrow annual rings are usually the strongest.

4. elasticity

It should have the property of elasticity so that it can regain its original shape after removing the load. This is a very important property that must be considered if the wood is used in the manufacture of sporting goods.

5. Tolerance

It should be able to resist the attacks of fungi and insects and atmospheric influences for a long time.

6. Defects

The wood should be prepared from the heart of a healthy tree and free from sap, dead knots, tremors and other similar defects.

7. fiber and structure

It should have straight and closed fibers and compact medullary rays. It should give a clear ringing sound when hit. A dull heavy voice is a sign of inner decay. Its annual rings should be uniform in size and colour.

wooden structure
wooden structure

8. Appearance and color

The freshly cut surface should smell sweet and the surface should be shiny. It should be dark in colour, as light colored wood is usually weak in strength.

9. size and weight

It should hold its shape during the seasoning process. Heavy wood is always stronger than lighter weight wood.

10. feasibility

It should be well experienced and easily doable. The teeth of the saw should not close during the cutting process. It should provide smooth surface with ease.

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