Concrete Batching Plant Maintenance

For effective production and distribution of concrete, all plant and equipment must be maintained in a clean and efficient working condition. To achieve this, checklists are used by batching plant personnel. These checklists include daily checks, weekly checks, monthly checks and quarterly checks. The checklist should be prepared in such a way that they cover the following 3 basic components of a ready mixed concrete batching plant.

  1. storage and handling equipment
  2. Batching and Mixing Equipment
  3. Transport Equipment (mixer and agitator)

Checking for storage and handling equipment

7 weekly checks

  1. Check the area under the plant to locate the leak and source
  2. Check that all drains and traps are clean. Check Yard Cleanliness
  3. Check to maintain disposal pits, recycling and wash down areas in efficient working order
  4. Check all storage bins and doors for efficient operation
  5. Check conveyors, boom scrapers and bucket elevators for free running and wear, and adjust as needed
  6. Routine checks and servicing on loading shovels
  7. Routine Checking and Servicing on Compressor

Checking for batching and mixing equipment

3 daily checks

  1. Check and adjust tear weight and clean weight dials (if applicable)
  2. Check to make sure the weighing hoppers are emptied properly
  3. Check for washing the central mixer drum or pan

14 weekly checks

  1. Check and maintain all hoppers and doors in clean and efficient working order
  2. Check central mixer blades, pedals or arms for wear and tightness and adjust as needed
  3. Check and remove cement or concrete deposits in the mixer
  4. Check the cement silo filter sock (if applicable) and keep it tightly closed and in efficient working order.
  5. Check the dust seal on the cement hopper for wear
  6. Check and clean knife edges or load cells on weighing equipment
  7. Check the calibration of the moisture meter, if applicable
  8. Check Oil Level on Air Line Lubricant
  9. remove water traps on air lines
  10. Check rams and air lines for leaks
  11. Check pipe-work for leaks and wear
  12. Check wiring and electrical equipment for correct operation and overheating
  13. Routine Checks for Greasing of Bearings and Gears
  14. Routine Checking and Servicing on Central Mixer

3 monthly checks

  1. Verify the calibration of all weighing scales
  2. Check Calibration of Water Meter
  3. Check the Calibration of the Mixing Dispenser

2 quarterly checks

  1. Inspection and testing of all weighing scales throughout their operating range
  2. Regular oil change in gearbox and oil bath

Checking for transport equipment – mixers and agitating units

1 daily check

  1. Check and Wash Truck Mixer Drums

3 monthly checks

  1. Check Mixer Unit for Blade Wear
  2. Check operation of revolution counters, if fitted
  3. Check Calibration of Truck Mixer Water Meter

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