due to paint failure
due to paint failure

Paint job failure is not uncommon on wall or wood members or structural steelwork. The paint job, though a simple task, has its own characteristics. Plus, a failed paint job involves substantial expense in the form of scraping old paint, repairing the surface, and the cost of new paint.

The following are the main reasons for the failure of a paint job.

1. poor workmanship

The paint job requires a certain degree of skill. A careless painter has a habit of diluting the paint too much so as to save both material and labor. The paint layer may be absent even for those parts of the surface that are difficult to reach.

2. conditions for pain

Painting work should be done only under favorable conditions. It should be seen that during the process of painting, dirt, dust and moisture are not trapped. Also, extremely high or low temperatures and humidity during paint application can seriously affect the performance of most paints.

3. Moisture

Leakage through sanitary installations, floors, roofs, water pipes etc makes the painted surface moist and in case of newly constructed building, water used during construction activity may take time to evaporate. Whatever the reason, the presence of moisture accelerates the process of separating the paint layer from the surface.

4. salts and bases

Moisture movement can transport salts from the masonry’s internal volume or new deposits. Such salts and alkalis clean oil paints.

5. unsuitable surface

If surfaces are not properly prepared or treated to receive paint, it can lead to failure of the paint job.

6. wrong choice of paint

Depending on the climatic conditions, the nature of the surface to be painted and various other factors affecting the performance of the paint, the choice of paint should be made. It has been found that low quality paints are cheaper in initial cost, but the durability of such painted surfaces is very poor.

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