CAD Drafting as Modern Drawing Process

CAD Drafting as Modern Drawing Process – Every industrial structure or building needs a set of drafting diagrams and design to show the structure in detailed concept. A team of structural drafters and civil engineers are those who design the structures meticulously. The process of building design drawing acts as the connection between structural engineers and the contractors. It is commonly happened that building drawing will include blueprints and design hand drawing.

Fortunately with the discovery of CAD or computer aided design system, a building drawing software, common design work can now be done using computers. Modern structural drafters use amazing technical drawing building software for drawing building plans, the CAD software, is currently available in many versions including StruCADD, AutoCAD, or Revit to generate detailed drawings and designs from sketches made by hand.

Structural draftsmen help the architects’ or civil engineers’ work by giving and preparing important technical building drawing. The drafters apply the codes of regional building as well as industry standards, the perform cost estimation, calculations and research before the process of designs crafting. Building drawing states the materials that will be used, shows technically the structures’ details, and explains the whole process to do. Structural draftsmen have different specialization according to particular domain such as commercial, residential, and based on materials to be used.

The process of building construction drawing usually includes the study of drawings, information and instructions from the engineer or architect, making draft or layout for the planned building, validating and checking the building drawing in order to comply it to the set specification and design data, preparing the documents of the construction, estimating cost, time and material. A civil engineer should work to make sure the design standard and safety are complied and for critical projects the drafts have been approved by local authorities.

For every structural draftsman, CAD building drawing software is beneficial as tools to produce objects’ practical geometric models that can evaluate and simulate the potential drawback and effects of building designs. The 3D CAD system arranges drawings using the power of computer so that all variations, duplications and modifications on drawing designs can be carried out with ease. However, it doesn’t mean that drafters do not need drafting skills to do so. CAD is only a tool so that draftsmen need to have depth knowledge about industry standards to generate quality design that meets accuracy and safety. Using CAD the drawing, the works of draftsmen can be done in shorter time that will increase the efficiency of overall construction process.

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