CAD Drawings and Advancement in Civil Engineering Industry

CAD Drawings and Advancement in the Civil Engineering Industry – It is only recently (not more than four decades ago) that construction and engineering firms had devoted in-house team that has done all their building construction drawing and drafting work. For those firms that cannot enjoy in-house draftsmen because their sizes were not large enough, such works can be contracted out on a regular basis.

In the past, the blueprint was made manually using pencils and other geometric drawing tools. T squares are probably what the older generation of civil engineers and architects will remember fondly to describe that. Imagining the immense amount of manpower, time, as well as money can be done even by those who are not considered professionals when it comes to the making of building drawing and blueprints.

Fortunately, all of it has changed with the presence of building drawing software that enables more efficient computer-aided designing.  3D CAD drawings have all the requirements to be powerful tools in automating most aspects of building drawing or drafting works that without it the works can take the whole time of the engineering team to finish. In many cases, a single engineer can generate multiple drawing building plans with the help of drafter that use the software package to generate multiple drawings in a short time. The growing of CAD library seems to cause drafting departments to disappear slowly in the civil engineering industry. In other words construction firms ultimately have benefited from technological advances by extensively using CAD building drawing software.

The construction industry is very thankful for the digital age when the 3D CAD software can be used all over the world so that drafting professionals can talk about it without having a different perception. After all the construction drafts become more flexible, clear and quick that enables the industry to grow well by time. The overall process of construction can be done on a time scale because building drawing team can make a more feasible plan, study and change to meet the dynamic of current industrial and business needs.

In conclusion, the computer-aided design has features that are able to drive the civil engineering project more efficient. Since the use of software gives more possibility to produce a 3D rendering of a building or structure in any shape and size, this allows unlimited optimization, revision and experimentation that are very hard to do in the past. CAD drawings can be transformed into a living document with the help of a worldwide file standard so that the drawings can be easily used as the communication basis for marketing, sales and other advancements.

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CAD Drawings and Advancement in Civil Engineering Industry 1
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