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Civil Engineering Technician Jobs  – Civil engineering has become a very popular profession. It involves the construction, design and maintenance of public works such as tunnels, bridges, roads, and other environments. It is said to be the second oldest profession in existence. There are several branches and specialities involved in this field. Some of the most well-known civil engineering technician jobs are geotechnical engineer, structural engineer or construction engineers. People in this profession can also be drafters, surveyors, inspectors, technicians or engineers.

Traffic engineer

This civil engineer technician job involves the study of roads and highways. They also consider the condition of roads, highways, exits and effectively analyze traffic patterns. They are responsible for gathering data about these road issues and implementing options to alleviate traffic blocks and other congestions. A traffic engineer is generally employed by the city governments or transportation boards.

Structural engineer

This is said to be one of the most stressful civil engineering technician jobs.  This is because it deals with human lives and an error can result in an accident and in some cases death. It deals with the design and construction of buildings or structures that either supports or resists weights. In this profession, it is important to understand physics because the theory behind structural engineering is based on physical laws. A structural engineer must be able to resist seismic loads and winds and must be able to resist all other necessary forces.

Environmental engineer

This type of civil engineer technician job has to do with the purifying sites that have been contaminated along with water and air. It also deals with gathering detailed information about the consequences of certain environmental actions and proposes solutions for these issues. An environmental engineer also treats thermal, biological and chemical waste.

General civil engineer

This civil engineer technician job is involved with overall projects. They sometimes work hand in hand with engineers in specialized fields and they also work with surveyors. General civil engineers visit certain project sites, prepare construction plans and review the work of other engineers. A general civil engineer applies the principles of structural, commercial and environmental engineering.

Fire protection engineer (FPE)

This, is also known as fire safety engineering. It is concerned with protecting people and their surroundings from the effects of fire. This civil engineer technician job also identifies certain risks and creates aids that will safeguard against these effects. They are involved with active and passive fire protection. This means incorporating smoke barriers, fire alarms and other fire suppression systems. An FEP is also responsible for risk analysis, fire dynamics, fire modeling, smoke management and control, building layout and human behaviour during fire dealings.

Geotechnical engineer

This civil engineer technician job is involved with earth structures. Geotechnical engineers design foundations and earthworks and analyze sites and their conditions. This entails several soil properties such as looking, seepage, slopes, rock anchors and the swelling and compression of soil. They are also responsible for assessing risks that certain site conditions may pose and investigating subsurface materials.

Transportation engineer

An individual invested in this field is responsible for the safe and efficient transportation on goods, services and people. It also involves the creation, design and maintenance of infrastructures that relate to transportation such as roads, highways, ports and rail systems.

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