The following are some of the common defects in brickwork found at the construction site.

  1. The bricks used were of inferior quality as compared to the quality specified in the contract.
  2. No test conducted to ascertain flowering level and water absorption in bricks
  3. The bricks were not soaked properly in water. Only a little water was sprinkled on the pile of bricks. The bricks were dry inside.
  4. Joints in brick masonry were thicker than specified in the contract specification.
  5. Joints in the brickwork below ground level were not properly finished as the contractor assumed that these joints would not be visible once the soil was filled.
  6. The vertical joints in the brickwork were hollow.
  7. The mortar did not gain strength. When scratched by a screw driver, the mortar can be easily pulled out completely.
  8. When the mortar was green, no raking of the joints was done.
  9. Brick bats were used as fillers and closures.
  10. Mortar was not found properly in any platform or machine.
  11. The brick layers were uneven and not really horizontal.
  12. Brick work was not in Sahul.
  13. The brick work was done in weak mortar and not as per the structural requirement.
  14. Brick courses were not carried out on the side where needed.
  15. Gaps existed between the door frame/window frame and the masonry.
  16. Heavy flowering was observed in the brickwork.
  17. The brick masonry in the long partition walls was not done without reinforcement.
  18. The holes in the brickwork that were left to support the scaffold were filled around with dry bricks without proper mortar and plastered superficially which later became a source of moisture in the building.

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