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Construction Vehicles – Construction companies have uncovered which are the most popular types of construction vehicles (construction vehicles names, construction vehicles, construction trucks!) that they are using in order to achieve great performance.

Different Types of Construction Trucks –  Heavy equipment or heavy machinery refers to heavy-duty vehicles, specially designed for executing construction tasks, most frequently ones involving earthwork operations or other large construction tasks.



To prepare the land and build a structure at a construction site, companies use a variety of vehicles. Each vehicle has its own assignments at the site based on its capabilities, and its operator is responsible for using the vehicle to complete any work needed.

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Different Types of Construction Vehicles and Their Uses

These are some very important and basic types of trucks used in construction. Many People and Construction companies prefer used construction trucks because of its costing. Different types of heavy equipment commonly used in the construction are as follows in alphabetical order:

  1. Backhoes – An excavator (that digs backwards) AND a loader.
  2. Bulldozers – A sharp shovel that can scrape and move dirt.
  3. Compact Track Loaders
  4. Compactors
  5. Crawler Loaders
  6. Dozers
  7. Dragline Excavator
  8. Dump Trucks – Back can tilt to dump.
  9. Excavators – A digger or shovel on a truck.
  10. Feller Bunchers
  11. Gator™ Utility Vehicles
  12. Graders
  13. Loaders – A bucket to scoop things like dirt or gravel.
  14. Motor Graders
  15. Pavers
  16. Pile Boring Machine
  17. Pile Driving Machine
  18. Scraper Systems
  19. Skid Steers
  20. Tractor Loaders
  21. Trenchers
  22. Tower Cranes
  23. Telehandlers
  24. Wheel Loaders
  25. Wheel Tractor Scraper

Names of Different Construction Trucks With Details


Bulldozers are often the first vehicles on a construction site as they clear the ground by pushing away debris. The heavy metal blade attached to the front makes it easy for them to push debris of all types including concrete, tree branches and large rocks. Once the debris has been cleared, dirt is moved around to make the site level.

Front Loaders

As bulldozers push debris and excess dirt to the side of the construction site, front loaders load it on to dump trucks for it to be hauled away. With a shovel/scoop attached to the front of the vehicle, they easily scoop, lift and dump dirt until the site has been cleared. Front-loaders do have a limitation, though, since they are unable to dig or scoop dirt lower than ground level.

Dump Trucks

Hauling debris and dirt away from the construction site is the responsibility of the dump truck. They also can bring in additional rocks, gravel or dirt if needed to stabilize or level the land at a site. There are a variety of types of dump truck vehicles in construction. Some of these include the standard double and triple trailer vehicles, which allow one truck to haul multiple trailers of dirt and debris. In addition, there are off-road dump trucks that are used in rough terrains and mining.


When digging is needed at a construction site, a backhoe or excavator is used. Backhoes can be used for shallow digging projects such as small trenches for water or sewer pipes. They are also used to bury pipes after they’ve been laid by covering them with excess dirt. For larger digging projects, such as a basement or tunnel, excavators are used. The depth to which they can dig is based on the length and height of their boom or arm. The longer and taller it is, the farther down they can dig.


Work can begin on an actual structure once the ground has been prepared. Cranes are often brought in for large structures or commercial buildings where there is a need to lift heavy objects such as metal beams and other materials. In addition, this type of construction vehicle may be used for large buildings where a need to reach high exists. Cranes vary in size and abilities as there are a number of different types. Truck-mounted cranes, tower cranes and rough terrain cranes are just a few of the cranes available for use in the construction industry.

These are some best types of construction trucks used in construction work.

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