Economy in Formwork Construction
Economy in Formwork Construction

The cost of formwork is also included in the total cost of concrete construction work. Manufacturing of formwork involves considerable expenditure in terms of material cost, cost of labor for fabrication, fabrication and removal of formwork and time element. In the case of buildings, the cost of formwork can range between 30 to 40% of the cost of concrete work. In case of special structures like bridges, tall chimneys, dams etc., the cost of formwork can range between 50 to 100% of the cost of concrete work or even more. Since formwork contributes nothing to the stability of the finished structures, its cost should be kept to a minimum in line with safety.

Steps to Economy in Formwork

The following steps should be followed to effect economy in cost of formwork.

  1. The building should be planned in such a way as to minimize variations in room size, floor area, etc., to allow repeated use of formwork moulds.
  2. Formwork plans must be skillfully planned and suitably designed to determine the most economical yet safe sizes of various components, including supports or professionals.
  3. The formwork should be constructed in such a way that the timber (where used) is cut as little as possible and can be easily removed and reused with the least amount of damage.

The surface quality of the finished concrete depends to a large extent on the quality of the formwork used in the work. If the formwork is made of rough wood and not constructed properly, the resulting concrete surface will be irregular and full of defects. The expenditure involved in rectification of defects in such works is invariably more than the savings made in the cost of formwork.

Thus in order to effect economy, formwork should be made with good quality material and properly constructed following the steps mentioned above.

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