Classification on the basis of degree of weathering of rock mass

Rocks can be classified on the basis of their degree of inflorescence. This type of rock classification gives the engineer a qualitative idea of ​​the rock mass. This type of classification is usually done on site and only through visual inspection can rocks be classified. While classifying according to the degree of weathering rocks are classified as grade I, II, III etc.

The table below shows the classification of the rock based on the degree of weathering of the mass of the rock as suggested Geological Society of London,

Duration Description grade
fresh No visible signs of material weathering i a
mentally retarded Discoloration on major disassembly surfaces IB
little weathering Discoloration indicates weathering of rock material and continuity of surfaces. All rock material can discolor by weathering and become somewhat weaker than in its fresh state. Second
moderate weathering Less than half the rock material disintegrates and/or disintegrates into the soil. Either fresh or discolored rock exists as a continuous frame work of core stones. third
excessive weathering More than half the rock material decomposes and/or decomposes into the soil. Fresh or discolored rock exists as either a discontinuous frame work or as core stones. IV
fully weathered All rock material decomposes and/or decomposes into soil. The original mass composition remains largely intact. v
residual soil All rock material is converted into soil. Large-scale structures and physical fabric are destroyed. There has been a large change in volume, but the transport of soil has not changed significantly. Sixth

rock weathering

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