Great care must be taken to keep the repaired patch moist for several days. Generally much more care is taken to fix the material in patches than in the whole structure. This is because there is relatively little repair done and the old concrete around it tends to absorb moisture from the new material. Treatment should be started as soon as possible after the patch is finished to prevent quick drying. Below are the various methods used to repair repaired surfaces.

Treating repaired concrete works
Treating repaired concrete works

Methods for fixing repaired concrete works

  1. Water should be applied at regular intervals by a large brush or spraying tool, to keep the repaired surfaces wet for initial treatment.
  2. Damp hessian can be used or wet burlap pad can be used.
  3. In some cases moist hessian or wet burlap pads can be difficult to position. In such a case a membrane curing compound is most appropriate. The best results are achieved by sealing compound after initial treatment with water, when the concrete surface is still damp.
  4. Delicate salts such as calcium chloride can be used to help accelerate hardening and keep the patch in a moist condition.
  5. Horizontal surfaces can be fixed by spraying method or by placing wet sacks.

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