In order to check the quality of masonry mortar, we have to perform various tests on the mortar. The quality and accuracy of the test result depends on the type of sample tested. Hence it is necessary to follow certain guidelines at the time of sampling.

Samples of masonry mortar are obtained in equal increments and are then mixed together to produce bulk sample.

The following tools are required when sampling masonry mortar.

  • Metal container of minimum 1 liter capacity or scoop
  • Shovel
  • airtight container

a. sampling from batch mix

  • In case of batch mixer, sampling is done at the discharge point of the batch
  • Place a dry, clean metal container across the stream of mortar in such a way that a completely representative sample of the mortar can be collected.
  • Take at least three equal increments when one-fourth, half and three-fourths of the batch have been discharged.

b. sampling with hand mix

  • Turn the mortar over with a clean, dry shovel before sampling.
  • Take samples through the scoop at regular intervals throughout the mass.

C. Heeps. sample from

  • Take samples below the surface of the pile.
  • Take samples at at least twelve different locations in a regularly distributed mass.

After taking samples by any of the methods described above; Add them immediately and mix well. After thorough mixing, keep the bulk sample in an airtight container.

notes to remember

  1. Collect such a quantity of sub-samples to combine to give a bulk sample of 10 kg.
  2. Record the following data and mark them on the air tight container.
  • sampling date
  • Sampling location and method
  • Mortar preparation date
  • batch or quantity of goods
  1. Always try to test the consistency of mortar at the preparation site.

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