Doors and windows are an important part of the house. The right type of doors and windows for the home will greatly enhance its overall look and feel. There are many types of doors and windows available in the market. Hence the process of selecting suitable doors and windows for the house is quite difficult.

There are several factors to be considered before finalizing their adoption option.

door and window selection
door and window selection

factors to consider

There are many factors that affect the type of doors/windows chosen for a home. Out of which 4 important factors are as follows:

  • climatic conditions
  • function and location
  • type of material
  • architectural design

1. Climatic Conditions

  • In areas close to the sea, it would be advisable to use a material that is not affected by corrosion and accordingly steel frames and shutters would not be a good choice.
  • In extreme climatic conditions (whether hot or cold) doors and windows should be sized such that the external environment has the least impact on the indoor environment.
  • In moderate climatic conditions, the extent of sunlight coming into the house has to be considered and accordingly the area for glazing has to be decided.

2. Work and Place

  • Doors should be chosen according to the function from which they are expected. for example. Front door and back door can have two completely different sets of requirements, and they are different from interior doors.
  • Exterior doors should always be of strong material and have secure fastenings.
  • On the other hand, interior doors should be light enough that all family members can handle them easily.

3. Material Type

  • Careful consideration should be given to the type of material used.
  • Good materials include heavy wood, steel, glass or fiberglass construction, which will serve well for many years.

4. Architectural Design

  • The final step would be to choose the design including the color scheme of the door/window, whose preference and taste varies from person to person.

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