stone masonry
stone masonry

The following principles should be followed during stone masonry construction:

  1. The stone used in masonry must be durable and strong.
  2. All stones should be well watered before laying to avoid absorption of moisture from the mortar.
  3. All stones must be properly prepared.
  4. The stones should be placed on their natural bed so that the pressure will act normally on their bed.
  5. Stones of different sizes should be placed so that the continuity of the vertical joints in the structure is broken.
  6. The stones of opposite faces should form proper bond with each other.
  7. The height of the stone should never exceed their minimum horizontal dimension.
  8. Small stone chips should never be used in bed joints.
  9. Coins should be employed as stretchers and headers in elective courses.
  10. Large flat stones used as bed plates should be provided under the ends of beams, girders etc.
  11. Masonry hearts must be properly packed with stone chips to avoid hollowing.
  12. The top surface of the old structure must be cleaned before fresh mortar is placed.
  13. Joints on the surface should be raked at least 2.5 cm deep and indicated with rich cement mortar.
  14. Double scaffolding should be used.
  15. After laying it should cure for 2 to 3 weeks.

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