ready mixed concrete
ready mixed concrete

information to be supplied by the buyer

It is recommended that a meeting should be held between the buyer and the manufacturer of concrete. The following points should be discussed in the meeting.

  • Description of concrete mix
  • use of concrete
  • Structure type
  • performance requirement
  • Information to be given before delivery
  • delivery rate
  • Buyer’s authorized representative
  • on site test
  • Training (if needed)

The details regarding concrete mix should be given in the format shown below.

Concrete mix information to be supplied by the buyer

name of contractor
place name
Reference standard for concrete mix design
Grade (N/mm2) (characteristic strength)
Minimum Cement Content (kg/m.)3,
Mineral additives (pulverized fuel ash / slag / others) kg / m3
Maximum free water-cement ratio
Nominal Maximum Overall Size
Cement type and grade (if desired)
Target workability (deceleration in mm)
Target practicality on site
Maximum temperature of concrete at the time of laying
Sulfate resistance class (if applicable)
Exposure conditions (if applicable)
Finish Class (if applicable)
mix application
method of installation
Any other requirements (initial strength, workability retention, permeability test, chloride content restrictions, maximum cement content, etc.)
Concrete Testing (Frequency)
Material testing (any non-routine requirements)
Options to be offered: Yes / No
Method of treatment to be used by the contractor
Quantity (m3,

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