Bitumen Emulsion Test - Residue on 600 Micron Sieve
Bitumen Emulsion Test – Residue on 600 Micron Sieve


This test is done by sieving through a 600 micron sieve for the determination of residues of bituminous emulsions.


  • 600 micron sieve A circular sieve of about 100 mm in diameter and 40 mm in height.
  • metal or glass dish – A small metal or glass vessel (such as a watch glass) of about 110 mm in diameter.
  • Oven – A well ventilated oven thermostatically controlled from 100 to 110″C.
  • Remanent – A capacity 250g and accuracy 0.01g and a capacity 10kg and accuracy 1g.
  • Pot – A clean, weighed, 1.5-liter container.


  1. Wash the 600 µm IS sieve with xylene and then with acetone. Place it in the dish, in the oven at 100 . dry on0C to 1100C for one hour, refrigerate and, with dish, weigh down to the nearest 0.01 g (W.)1,
  2. Remove the sieve from the sieve and moisten with the solution. Remove the 4-liter sample by stirring it slowly and immediately strain it through a sieve into a clean, dry-weight container (W.)4,
  3. room temperature and 50 . Filter the emulsion at low and high viscosity0c respectively. When the entire emulsion is drained through the sieve, remove the sieve and weigh the container to the nearest 1 g (W.)2,
  4. Wash the strainer repeatedly with distilled water until the wash runs clear. Put the sieve in a small pot in the oven for two hours at 105±5. keep to dry0C. Cool and weigh together to the nearest 0.01 g (W.)3,

Calculate the residuals as follows:

Residue, Percentage Retained = (W.)3 – woo1) / (w2 – woo4) x 100


woo1 = mass of sieve and small vessel in g

woo2 = mass in g of container and emulsion

woo3 = mass of the strainer, small plate and residue in g; And

woo4 = mass of container in g

Take the average of the three values ​​obtained for the residuals, percentage.

requirement criteria

type of bituminous emulsion Residue on 600 µm IS Sieve
Rapid Setting-1 (RS-1) 0.05
Rapid Setting-2 (RS-2) 0.05
medium setting (ms) 0.05
Slow Setting -1 (SS-1) 0.05
Slow Setting-2 (SS-2) 0.05


IS 8887 – 2004

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