Complete guide on Stirrups – Rings used in Construction

Complete guide on Stirrups – Rings used in Construction | Stirrups Ring In this post we will discuss the following topics.


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Use of stirrups in construction

There are several reasons for using ties. The following are the main reasons behind using ties/stirrups in column & stirrups in the beam-:

  1. Stirrups are used to tie the main bars of reinforcement horizontal or vertical and to keep them aligned and to help in the tensile strength of the concrete structure whether it is column, wall or beams.
  2. The main role of Stirrups is to resist the shear forces and torsion.
  3. Longitudinal bars are confined by transverse steel tie bars in order to maintain their positions.
  4. At the time of concreting, it prevents movement of the main reinforcement.
  5. Stirrups are placed at proper intervals to beams and columns to prevent them from buckling/deformation/shear failure of column/beam.
  6. In order to prevent bursting of lateral reinforcement into the concrete cover by holding the longitudinal bars in position.
  7. It improves the dowel action of column reinforcement.
  8. The lateral ties also confined the concrete, thereby enhancing its compression load-bearing capacity.
  9. They protect RCC structures from collapsing during seismic activities i.e. Earthquakes.
  10. It also helps maintain and get constant clear cover along its length.
  11. It improves the ductility and strength of the structure

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