Ribbed Tor Steel Bars

It is a kind of deformable high strength steel. These bars are manufactured by controlled cold twisting of hot rolled bars. These bars have ribs or projections on their surface. Ribbed Tor Steel Bars are available in various sizes from 6mm to 50mm in diameter. These bars are commonly used as reinforcement in concrete structures like building, bridge, road, precast concrete etc.

Ribbed Tor Steel Bar - Advantages
Ribbed Tor Steel Bar – Advantages

Advantages of Ribbed Tor Steel Bars

  1. Ribbed Tor Steel Bar 180 . can lean through0 without the formation of any cracks or fractures on their outer surface.
  2. Welding is possible in this type of bars. It can be welded by electric flash butt welding or arc welding,
  3. The use of these bars reduces the cost of reinforcement by 30 to 40%, hence is economical.
  4. These strips are easily recognizable as they have a peculiar shape.
  5. The structural properties of these bars are better than that of ordinary plain round bars.
  6. These bars have excellent bonding properties and therefore do not require end hooks.
  7. They can be used for all major types of reinforced concrete structure.
  8. These bars are very simple to bend, fix and handle. This results in lower labor charges.

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