water consumption

The consumable use of water by the crop is the amount of water consumed by the plant in the process of transpiration and evaporation during the growth of the crop.

sweat Water is the process used to enter plant roots and build plant tissues.

evaporation It is the process of evaporation of water from adjacent soil, the surface of the water surface or the leaves of the plant. Any water deposited by dew or precipitation and subsequently evaporated without entering the plant system is also part of evaporation.

These two processes (i.e. transpiration and evaporation) are collectively called evapotranspiration,

The consumable use of water by a crop is expressed as the water depth per unit area for a specified period, such as a day, month or season.

The value of consumable use of water is required to calculate the irrigation requirement of the crop.

Consumable use values ​​for a given crop at a location can vary widely from day to day.

There are many factors which affect the water consumption by the crop. These are given below.

  • Temperature
  • Moisture
  • wind velocity
  • soil topography
  • sunny hours
  • irrigation method
  • crop pattern
  • natural ground water table

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