The sand used for plaster work can be natural sand, crushed stone sand or crushed gravel sand. grading range of sand for plaster work; For interior and exterior wall and ceiling should be given in the table below.

Grading range of sand for plaster work
Grading range of sand for plaster work

Grading range of sand for plaster work

sieve size is pass percentage
10 mm 100
4.75 mm 95 – 100
2.36 mm 95 – 100
1.18 mm 90 – 100
600 micron 80 – 100
300 micron 20 – 65
100 micron 0 – 15

notes to remember

  • If the grading falls outside the limits of the grading zone of the sieve (except 150, 300 and 600 micron IS sieve), the aggregate amount does not exceed 5%, it will be considered to be under gradation.
  • For crushed stone sand and crushed gravel sand, the permissible limit on 150 micron IS sieve has been increased to 20%.
  • The fineness modulus of sand should be as per the following table.
sand type fineness modulus
crushed stone sand 1.4. not less than
crushed gravel sand 1.4. not less than
natural sand 1.5. not less than


IS:1542-1992 – Sand for plaster – Specification

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