plaster thickness

The finishing coat (and single-coat work, where employed) should be of such a thickness as to provide sufficient material to harden satisfactorily under site conditions in a particular case.

The total thickness of a two-coat work excluding keys or dabbing out shall generally be approx but normally not more than 20 mm and in case of in situ concrete soffit it should not exceed 15 mm. The thickness of the three-coat work should not exceed about 25 mm.

Recommended thickness of an individual coat for varying numbers. The plaster coat is as follows.

number of plaster coats


single coat plaster

10 to 15 mm

Two coat plaster (A) for under coat

10 to 12 mm

Two coat plaster (B) for finishing coat

3 to 8 mm

three coat plaster (a) base coat

10 to 15 mm

three coat plaster (b) second coat

3 to 8 mm

Three Coat Plaster (C) Finishing Coat

3 to 5 mm

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