GEO TEXTILES : Definition , Functions and Application

What is Geotextile ??

Define GeotextileGeotextile is defined as a permeable textile material used in contact with soil, rock, earth etc as an integral part of the civil engineering project, structure or system.

It may be of natural materials such as jute, coir, cotton etc. Or of synthetic polymers such as polypropylene, polyamide, polyester, polyethene.

Explain the functions of geotextiles ??

We simply defined WHAT IS GEOTEXTILE ?? You can check functions of geotextiles ppt for further information on the functions & applications of geotextiles.

Download functions of geotextiles pdf from this Link.

Read this article for the function of geotextile in road construction.


· Flexible paved road construction

· Pavement overlays

· Drainage

Flexible paved road construction

Table 1 Geotextile Requirements for Roadway Applications


Puncture Strength N 400 700
Dynamic Puncture m 0.018 0.012
Ultimate elongation % >50 >50
Burst Strength Pa 2 3
Grab Strength N 700 800
Permeability m/s >Soil Permeability
Apparent Opening size m < .00015

2. Pavement overlays

Table 2 Paving Fabric Requirements

Grab Strength N 450
Mass per Unit area Kg/m2 .auto
Ultimate Elongation %` > 50
Melting point 0C 150

3. Drainage

Table 3 Physical Requirements for Drainage Applications

Property Unit High survivability Moderate survivability
Puncture Strength N 690 420 260
Dynamic Puncture m .014 .018 .022
Burst Strength Pa 2757600 2068200 1275390
Elongation at break % 60 60 60

Geotextiles are an efficient effective and economic method of solving most of the geotechnical problems in roads.
The design engineer should be well aware of the possible problems and should use this relatively new tool for solving them.
For this, he should understand properties and capabilities of the geotextile material at hand.

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