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Read and Download Free PDF of 5 Basic Elements of Vastu Shastra | Vastu is a science of management that combines the five elements of nature and the universe, ultimately balancing itself with man and material. This mystical science unites the five elements called “Panchabhut”: Earth, fire, water, sky and space, and paves the way to enlightenment, happiness and prosperity.

Five Elements of Vastu Shastra

According to Vastu, the universe is filled with beneficial energies that want us to experience a state of well being. Energy is essentially emanating from two forces: the five elements and the electromagnetic energy generated by the rotation of the Earth.

Earth is the third planet out of the nine planets and is the only place where life exists due to the presence of five elements (Basic Elements of Vastu Shastra). Sun, air and space are universally available and can be molded according to human needs through design action.

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To fully understand the work of design with these five (5) Basic Elements of Vastu Shastra, we should analyse all these elements separately:

  • Earth : Bhoomi
  • Water : Jala
  • Fire : Agni
  • Air : Vaayu
  • Space : Akasha

Earth : Bhoomi

Earth : Bhoomi – The first and most important element of nature that emits maximum energy. Since the parcel land, it is necessary to consult the land you are buying, the area of ​​everything in Vastu.

Site selection is considered very important in the architectural element. A detailed inspection of the soil, parcel, site, size, and shape must be done before construction can begin. Prithvi (Prithvi) is the most important element in Vastu and affects human life in every way.

The earth element is associated with the south-west direction, making it the best choice for a master bedroom location. This also serves as a solid and grounding element for the entire family, reinforcing the position of the family’s head.

Water : Jala

Water : Jala – Water exists on Earth in the form of rain, ocean, sea and rivers. It is the second most important element considered in Vastu. Vastu provides adequate instructions for the placement of water fountains.

Water is an element of the northeast. When it comes to domestic water flow, it should originate from the North East. The body of water such as pools and aquariums, etc., should be built in the northeast, this direction is favorable and suitable for water.

The water element’s energy waves tend to congregate in the northeast. This makes it the ideal location for indoor and outdoor water features and bodies, such as swimming pools, fountains, ponds, miniature waterfalls, and aquariums.

Fire : Agni

Agni – Agni (Fire) is considered an element of the South-East. Fire or electrical appliances will be placed in the kitchen of the house to the southeast. Light is the essence of life, and the sun is the giver of natural light.

Fire is the foundation of all energy sources, including thermal energy and nuclear power. There should be the necessary ventilation for sunlight and a natural source of light for humans.

Because the south-east is dominated by fire, it is the best place to put kitchens, computers, and other electrical appliances. Agni is also in charge of digestion and transformation.

Air : Vaayu

Air : Vaayu – Air is an essential thing for all of us who live on this earth. Vayu is another important element in Vastu which is considered before application. Air is an element of the northeast.

Air has various gases on the Earth such as oxygen, nitrogen, helium, carbon dioxide, etc. Balanced percentages of various gases, atmospheric pressure and humidity levels are important for the things that live on this Earth.

Vastu has important instructions for windows and doors to get good amount of air.

The air element is most active in the north-west, so place air coolers, air conditioners, and wind chimes here. This element and direction are linked to the concept of movement in general.

Space : Akasha

The space-sky never ends and our place is full of constellations, galaxies, stars, moon, sun and nine planets. Also called the universe, known as “Brahmananda”, the place of God. Space has a very important place in our life and Vastu gives different directions for a better place. Indian homes used to have open spaces in the center of the house. The sky is a Brahmasthan which should be an open space, any disturbances related to the place in the house will have harmful consequences.

Now that you’ve learned about the 5 Basic Elements of Vastu Shastra, put them to good use when designing your home.

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