Midas Gen Civil Engineering Software

Midas Gen Civil Engineering Software – MIDASoft develops and distributes engineering software and provides total solution service for civil and mechanical engineering and construction.

MIDASoft Inc. was established as a representative of MIDAS Information Technology Co., Ltd. in North and Latin America. MIDASoft’s prime focus is the development, analysis, and design support of civil, structural, geotechnical and mechanical engineering software.

Tens of thousands of Civil and Mechanical engineers around the world have implemented MIDAS Software in their work processes for the undertaking of high profile projects as well as everyday projects.

List of Midas Software

  • MIDAS Software for Bridge
    • MIDAS Civil
  • MIDAS Software for Building
    • MIDAS nGEN
    • MIDAS Design+
  • MIDAS Software for Geotechnical
  • MIDAS Software for Mechanical

Midas Gen Civil Engineering Software

Midas Gen is a comprehensive civil engineering software that provides advanced tools for structural analysis and design. It is widely used in the industry and offers a range of features to aid in the design process.

Key features of Midas Gen

  1. Structural Analysis: Midas Gen allows you to perform advanced structural analysis using finite element methods. It can handle various types of structures, including buildings, bridges, and towers.
  2. Modeling Capabilities: The software provides a user-friendly interface for creating 3D models of structures. You can input geometric data, material properties, and load information to accurately represent the structure.
  3. Design Optimization: Midas Gen offers design optimization capabilities to help you find the most efficient and cost-effective structural solutions. It considers factors like load distribution, member sizes, and material choices to optimize the design.
  4. Code Compliance: The software is equipped with design codes and standards from different countries, allowing you to ensure your designs meet the relevant regulations and requirements.
  5. Integrated Design Environment: Midas Gen provides an integrated environment for designing various structural components, such as beams, columns, slabs, and foundations. It offers design wizards and tools to simplify the design process.
  6. Analysis Results and Reports: The software provides detailed analysis results, including deformations, stresses, and reactions, which help in assessing the structural behavior. Additionally, Midas Gen generates comprehensive reports to document the analysis and design process.
  7. Interoperability: Midas Gen supports interoperability with other software programs, facilitating data exchange with popular CAD and BIM tools.

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The MIDAS (design software for civil engineering) priority includes the development of software for civil / structural / geotechnical / mechanical engineering along with support for analysis & design. Since 1996, the MIDAS Program has been commercially used. Via applications on countless projects worldwide, our reliability was accepted.

MIDASoft is the world’s top technology in the core fields of engineering analysis, such as computer graphics modeling, advanced analysis, and optimal design, according to the official MIDAS website.

MIDASoft Family Systems have been extended to both engineering and industrial protection and economic viability research applications and hold the largest market share in the construction sector worldwide.

As the global developer and distributor of engineering solutions, MIDASoft has the vision to expand. MIDASoft will constantly commit itself to developing the world’s standard technology.

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