Mechanization in Construction Industry

What is the Need for mechanization in the construction Industry ??

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mechanization in the construction industry

  1. The work can be done in time.
  2. The work can be done speedily.
  3. High quality standards can be maintained.
  4. Large quantity of materials can be handled, so the size of the project can be increased
  5. The complex projects involving high-grade material.
  6. Time schedule can be kept.
  7. Optimum use of material, manpower and finance.
  8. Due to the shortage of skilled and efficient manpower.

What is the Advantages of Mechanization in the Construction Industry ??






What are the Applications of Mechanization in Construction Industry ??

  1. Highway projects
  2. Irrigation
  3. Buildings
  4. Power Plants


What are the Factors affecting the selection of construction equipment??

  1. Availability of equipment.
  2. Suitability of job condition with special reference to climatic and operating condition.
  3. Uniformity type (easier operation and maintenance, easy exchange of spare parts and operating personnel)
  4. Size of equipment.
  5. Use of standard pieces of equipment (made by several companies so that easy purchase and delivery)
  6. Country of origin. (If importing foreign exchange facility should be easily available)
  7. The unit cost of production – the cost of running
  8. Availability of spare parts and selection of manufacturer.
  9. Availability of local labor operations.

What are the Commonly used construction equipment in Mechanization in Construction Industry

1. Earthmoving equipment

2. Hauling equipment

3. Hoisting equipment

4. Conveying equipment

5. Aggregate and concrete production equipment

6. Pile driving equipment

7. Tunneling and rock drilling equipment

8. Pumping and dewatering equipment

need for mechanization in construction industry
need for mechanization in construction industry
need of mechanization in construction industry

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