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Square Meter to Feet Calculator

Use this calculator to convert square meters (m²) to square feet (ft²) and square feet to square meters. This converter is part of the full area converter tool.

Square Meter To Square Feet Calculator

What is Square Meter?

Square Meter refers to the area of a square where all four sides measure 1 Meter each. It is denoted by the symbol m² and is the SI unit of area.

The area of any space can be measured in square Meter by finding its length and breadth in Meters and multiplying the two measurements.

For example, a field area with a length of 15 meters and a width of 10 meters is 150 m² (15 x 10).

Otherwise abbreviated as m2, a square meter (or ‘metre’ with British spelling) is a square which possesses equal sides of one meter.

It is often used to measure the area within a room or the total area associated with an exterior parcel of land.

A square meter is equal to 10,000 square centimeters, 10.76 square feet and 0.0001 hectares.

Large bay windows are sometimes the equivalent of a square meter. Carpets and wooden floors are likewise priced by the square meter.

What is Square Feet?

Square foot (singular for square feet) is the area of a square where each side measures 1 foot. It is a US customary unit (non-metric and non-SI) and an imperial unit of area.

The square foot is used as a form of measurement within Canada and the United States. It can be adopted to describe the amount of floor space (for real estate) or the overall size of an exterior property.

Architects will also refer to square feet when designing new buildings.

One square foot is a bit smaller than an average-sized piece of A4 printer paper. One square foot can be translated to 0.092 square metres.

Sometimes, the force of the modern hydraulic press is measured in pounds per square inch or square foot.

In India, sq ft is most commonly used for area measurement, especially for real estate. The unit is more significantly used to denote the following areas of a flat or an apartment –

Carpet area – Total area used for laying carpet, excluding the inner walls and pillars.

Built-up area – Total area, including the walls and balcony (if any).

Super built-up area – Built-up area along with other common areas like stairs, elevators, lobby, etc. It can also include clubhouses, gardens, swimming pool, etc.

The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 [Download ACT PDF] also mandates that developers and promoters use sq ft as a standard unit for flat or apartment measurement.

The measurement of an apartment’s area in sq ft is done by finding its length and breadth in feet and multiplying the two values. For example, the area of a room with length of 16 feet and breadth of 13 feet is 208 ft² (16 x 13).

Square Meter To Feet Calculator

Square meter to Feet Conversion Table

1 m2 = 3.2808 feet
2 m2 = 4.6398 feet
3 m2 = 5.6826 feet
4 m2 = 6.5617 feet
5 m2 = 7.3362 feet
6 m2 = 8.0364 feet
7 m2 = 8.6803 feet
8 m2 = 9.2796 feet
9 m2 = 9.8425 feet
10 m2 = 10.3749 feet
11 m2 = 10.8813 feet
12 m2 = 11.3652 feet
13 m2 = 11.8292 feet
14 m2 = 12.2758 feet
15 m2 = 12.7066 feet
16 m2 = 13.1234 feet
17 m2 = 13.5272 feet
18 m2 = 13.9194 feet
19 m2 = 14.3008 feet
20 m2 = 14.6724 feet
21 m2 = 15.0347 feet
22 m2 = 15.3885 feet
23 m2 = 15.7344 feet
24 m2 = 16.0728 feet
25 m2 = 16.4042 feet
26 m2 = 16.7291 feet
27 m2 = 17.0477 feet
28 m2 = 17.3606 feet
29 m2 = 17.6679 feet
30 m2 = 17.9699 feet

Feet To Square meter Conversion Table

1 feet = 0.0929 m2
2 feet = 0.3716 m2
3 feet = 0.8361 m2
4 feet = 1.4864 m2
5 feet = 2.3226 m2
6 feet = 3.3445 m2
7 feet = 4.5522 m2
8 feet = 5.9458 m2
9 feet = 7.5251 m2
10 feet = 9.2903 m2
11 feet = 11.2413 m2
12 feet = 13.378 m2
13 feet = 15.7006 m2
14 feet = 18.209 m2
15 feet = 20.9032 m2
16 feet = 23.7832 m2
17 feet = 26.849 m2
18 feet = 30.1006 m2
19 feet = 33.538 m2
20 feet = 37.1612 m2
21 feet = 40.9702 m2
22 feet = 44.9651 m2
23 feet = 49.1457 m2
24 feet = 53.5122 m2
25 feet = 58.0644 m2
26 feet = 62.8025 m2
27 feet = 67.7263 m2
28 feet = 72.836 m2
29 feet = 78.1315 m2
30 feet = 83.6127 m2

How to Convert Square Meter to Square Feet (sq m to sq ft)?

A unit of square Meter is converted to square feet by multiplying the former with 10.764.

For example, 12 sq m = 12 x 10.764 or 129.167 sq ft


Such calculations can be precisely performed using online tools like an area converter.

Contrarily, a square feet unit is converted to a square Meter unit by dividing the former with 0.092903.

For example, 12 sq ft = 12 / 0.092903 or 1.1145 sq m
Use an online square Meter to square feet conversion tool for quick and accurate calculations.

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