CUTTING LENGTH OF RECTANGULAR STIRRUP | How to calculate Cutting length of rectangular stirrup |

Cutting length of rectangular stirrup means its length and weight calculation is very easy and simple. The bar bending schedule is very important in every construction work. Without known the proper length and proper quantity of the stirrups, it is very difficult to do the construction work properly.

Cutting length of the stirrup is very important because in every beam we use stirrups and the mean is the most important member in the construction buildings.

In this article, we are going to discuss the rectangular stirrup cutting length calculation in detail. Before going for calculation lets clear the following basic concepts.

What is the bar bending schedule?

Bar bending is defined as The schedule is provided at the site. In which the list of reinforcement is provided in detail means the length of the different section their required quantity etc. The bar bending schedule is very for every construction work because without this schedule the construction work is not proceeding properly.

For your better understanding let’s take this example.

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