How to Change AutoCAD Background Color – Step by Step # 1 Guide

How to Change AutoCAD Background Color – Step by Step Guide | How to change AutoCAD background color so you feel more comfortable learning? Here is a quick way to turn it to black, white, pink or any other color.

In itself the way your AutoCAD window looks will make you have a harder time learning. I recall that the computer I used to work on at my school had changed its AutoCAD background color to pink (Who would have thought someone will even be comfortable doing this). This is totally used every time I had to work on that unit to slow down my thought process.

Fortunately, I’ve recently learned how to adjust the background of AutoCAD to black.

Change AutoCAD Background Color

The default color when you install AutoCAD is a grayish color that appears to turn black. Really, that is the context that I feel most comfortable using these days.

We can sometimes change the AutoCAD display’s background color.

The default color is black, and we make drawings in this color. Regardless of the background color, the pdf output will be in white only.

Using LAYERS, which we have discussed already, we can create drawings in various colors.

How to change AutoCAD background to black?

To change the background color in AutoCAD to white:

How to Change AutoCAD Background Color - Step by Step # 1 Guide 1
Change AutoCAD Background Color

Steps to change AutoCAD background

Step 1

Right click on the drawing area and select Options…

Step 2

Click on the Drafting tab, and click on Colors…

Step 3

Select >> 2D model space in Context Tab.

Step 4

Select >> Uniform background in Interface Element.

Step 5

Select >> Desired Color (Black) from Color section which is drop down menu color.

Step 6

Click on Appy & Close. You’re Done.

How to change AutoCAD background to white?

If you want to change the background color of AutoCAD to white, all you need to do is follow the same example above, the only difference being that you choose a white color instead of a black color in Step 3, Part 3.

You can change AutoCAD’s background color to any color of your desire using this tutorial.

Can we change the background layout with image ?

Image backgrounds are not supported unless it is in the drawing itself.

You can also adjust more than just the background color, to see the impact they will have on your AutoCAD, feel free to play with the other attributes.

Don’t worry about messing up, you can always return to the default settings by clicking on the “Restore all contexts” button.