Brick Size – Advanced Guide for Civil Engineers and Everyone

Brick is a building material which is widely used. It is a piece of burnt clay. It consists primarily of clay , sand, lime and soil bearing, or other concrete materials. The mixture is fired into the manufacturing process and contains a good mixture of these elements. Then it’s a dry Brick.

Brick Size Guide Procivilengineer
Brick Size Guide

Brick dimensions is one of the most critical criteria to be considered when choosing bricks to ensure that they match in with the style of the building.


Selection of bricks is determined on the basis of the particular application where the brick is used. Due to the fact that bricks are used in various constructions, they require different brick sizes.

There are several standards each set by a country providing uniform sizes for bricks such as BS (British Standard), CSA (Canadian Standards Association), ASTM (American Standard for Testing Materials), and IS (Indian Standard) for example.

What we’ll cover in this article about Brick Size-:

  • Brick Sizes Chart
  • Cement Brick Size In Inches
  • Nominal Size Of Brick
  • Size Of Brick In Feet
  • Standard Brick Size And Weight
  • Standard Size Of Brick In Cm
  • Standard Size Of Brick In Inches
  • Standard Size Of Brick In India

Brick Sizes Chart

The brick dimension is very significant since from the very beginning of the invention of bricks. Since the bricks are used in various ways and in different construction. Thus different fields require a different brick size. Different shape is required, as is different formation. Various countries make brick for various uses in different ways. And there are different kinds of bricks being formed in the world now.

Standard Size Of Brick In Inches – Country Wise

Rectangular Clay Bricks, Size (Inches): 9 In. X 4 In. X 3 In. And 9 In. X 3 In. X 2 In

Country Standard (Imperial (in))
Australia 9 × 4⅓ × 3
Denmark  9 × 4¼ × 2¼
Germany 9 × 4¼ × 2¾
India 9 × 4¼ × 2¾
Romania 9 × 4¼ × 2½
Russia 10 × 4¾ × 2½
South Africa  8¾ × 4 × 3
Swedan 10 × 4¾ × 2½
United Kingdom 8½ × 4 × 2½
United State 7⅝ × 3⅝ × 2¼

Standard Size Of Brick In India

According to ProCivilEngineer and above Standard Size Of Brick In Inches Table, Brick Size is – 9 × 4¼ × 2¾ (It’s (9 inches in Length X 4 and one Quarter in Width X 2 and three quarters).

For Use in Side Walls
Shape Rectangular
Size (Inches) 9 In. X 4 In. X 3 In.,

9 In. X 3 In. X 2 In.