Building Construction Tools List with Images

Building Construction Tools List with Images – The Tools Used in Buiding Construction. Check The Downloadable List of Building Construction Tools List with Images.

In this article, we included construction materials name list with pictures. All Types of Materials which is used in construction is listed alphabetically. If you are Looking for building construction materials name list than Check our this Post – Materials Used in Construction & List of 72 Basic items or 8 Essential Construction and Building Materials in India.

In the Above Paragraph, we provided a list of materials required for building construction. Visit your local market for more building materials list and price. You can download our construction materials list pdf by clicking here.

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Sometimes we know the tool but don’t know the name of them in English. We hope we all face this at least once in our life. The below list is a collective effort.

If you know some tools or have images that you think might be helpful for all of us, kindly let us know in the comment section. so we can add it here.

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building construction tools names with pictures

pictures of different building materials

Construction tools list for building construction works such as concrete, brick masonry, levelling, woodworks, floor works, slab works, bricklaying, plastering etc. is provided. Every construction tool is necessary to achieve good results in the whole project.

Building Construction Tools List with Images

  1. Bolster
  2. Boning rod
  3. Brick hammer
  4. Bump cutter/screed
  5. Chisel
  6. Circular saw
  7. Concrete mixer
  8. Cordless drill
  9. Crowbar
  10. Digging bar
  11. End frames
  12. Float
  13. Gloves
  14. Hand saw
  15. Helmet
  16. Hoe
  17. Iron pan
  18. Jack plane
  19. Ladder
  20. Line and pins
  21. Mason’s square
  22. Measuring box
  23. Measuring tape
  24. Measuring wheel
  25. Pick axe
  26. Plumb bob
  27. Plumb rule
  28. Polishers
  29. Putty knife
  30. Rammer
  31. Rubber Boots
  32. Safety glasses
  33. Safety helmet
  34. Sand screen machine
  35. Scratchers
  36. Sledgehammer
  37. Spade
  38. Spirit level
  39. Straight edge brushes
  40. Tile cutter
  41. Trowel
  42. Vibrator
  43. Wedge
  44. Wheelbarrow

1. Bolster

The bolster is like chisel but it is used to cut bricks. Its cutting edge is wider than the width of brick. It is useful for accurate cutting of bricks. A bolster is a long narrow pillow or cushion filled with cotton, down or fibre. Bolsters are usually firm for back or arm support or for decorative application.

Tools » Hand Tools » Chisels / Bolsters

So, From the above diagram, you can understand or relate that We use for Cut, shape and remove bricks and other materials with ease by using a bolster, chisel and wrecking bar.

2.  Boning rod

Boning rods are made of wood and they are T shape. They are used to level the excavated trench throughout its length. Minimum of three boning rods are used to level the trench surface.

3. Brick Hammer

Brick hammer is used to cut the bricks and also used to push the bricks if they come out of the course line.

4. Bump Cutter

Bump cutter is used to level the concrete surfaces like concrete floors, foundations etc. It is also called screed.

5. Chain Lewis and Pin Lewis

Chain lewis and pin lewis are two different tools which are used to lift heavy stones especially in the construction of stone masonry.

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