Lumion Software For Architectural Rendering

Top 10 Best Lumion Software For Architectural Rendering | Lumion Software For Architectural Rendering | Lumion Architectural Rendering Software is used for Creating beautiful renders. Simply imagine how you want to show your design and Lumion 11 can help you quickly bring it to life.

A Normal and a Pro version of Lumion are available. Limited effects and 1⁄3 of the whole content library are included in the Lumion Normal edition.

Lumion Architectural Rendering Software

Lumion Pro for architects, urban planners and designers is a real-time 3D architectural visualization application.

With a fast turnaround, it is ideally suited for creating images, still renderings and live demonstrations.

Combined with a quick and reliable workflow, Lumion provides outstanding graphics, saving you time, effort and money.

Indeed, making amazing still renderings and videos with Lumion is so easy that it almost feels like cheating.

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Even the most complex 3D models can be easily imported into Lumion architectural visualization software from your CAD software of choice.

For eg, AutoDesk products such as AutoCAD, Revit Architecture, 3D Studio Max and many other 3D modeling packages come from Google Sketchup.

And it makes it a breeze to (re-)load models that were modified in your CAD software with a dedicated upgrade feature. From 3D models in minutes to movies!

Supported import formats in Lumion

  • 3D models: DAE, FBX, MAX, 3DS, OBJ, DWG, DXF
  • Images: TGA, DDS, PSD, JPG, BMP, HDR and PNG images
  • Lightmaps from AutoDesk 3D Studio Max
  • Animated models from AutoDesk 3DS Max via FBX format (Move/Rotate/Scale)
  • COLLADA exporter plugin for Revit

Scene creation, environments and weather – architectural visualization comes alive

  • A GPU-based 3D software that allows you to edit scenes in real-time takes full advantage of the scene construction tools in Lumion.
  • The output of 3D rendering is highly optimized to allow you to easily import 3D models with millions of polygons.
  • With the 28 built-in landscape presets, 6 water types and a customizable ocean, architectural terrain development is simple.
  • Daylight, sun, sky and clouds can be conveniently modified for sun studies and can be animated. Software for 3D modeling at its best.

Material library – 3D architecture and environment

  • It only takes moments to really make your concept shine, thanks to the large material library of 3D architecture in Lumion.
  • There are 459 high quality materials built-in, such as wood floors and brick walls, as well as 9 types of custom materials.
  • Download the free trial today to make your 3D models come alive with Lumion 3D architectural visualization software.

Model library – 3D objects and moving 3D animations

  • Bringing the visualization to life is the play of the child with the hundreds of model library entourage models.
  • Trees swaying in the wind, moving cars, animated people, houses, street furniture, for example, and much more.
  • With a whopping 993 models and 459 trees, plants and other natural objects, Lumion Ultimate ships as well as 82 Special FX objects.

Video and image output – architectural visualization in HD

  • In seconds rather than hours, Lumion makes spectacular images of 3D architecture.
  • And HD videos of high quality in a couple of hours rather than weeks.
  • In Lumion, the built-in video editor makes great film directors out of all. In no time, real-time 3D rendering.
  • Only take a few snapshots and Lumion transforms them into camera gestures that look professional.
  • Connect images, filters or special effects to the overlay, and you’re ready to make a video that can be viewed on any PC or Mac.
  • Or upload it to YouTube directly, so that your customer can see how amazing your concept is.

Theatre mode

Theatre mode is a full screen mode that is best suited for your architectural simulation to be demonstrated live.

To ensure maximum performance on both low-end and high-end PCs, the visual quality is easily adjustable.

Difference features in Lumion and Lumion Pro

DescriptionLumionLumion Pro
Price€ 1499.-*€ 2999.-*
DescriptionStandard version of Lumion with limited library content and features.Professional version of Lumion with all content and features.
Perpetual floating licenseWhen you buy Lumion, you can use the license indefinitely. You can install a single Lumion license key on any number of computers, by any number of people. If two or more people want to use a single Lumion license key on different computers at the same time, then you need to add seats to your license.When you buy Lumion, you can use the license indefinitely. You can install a single Lumion license key on any number of computers, by any number of people. If two or more people want to use a single Lumion license key on different computers at the same time, then you need to add seats to your license.

Import Features Difference In Lumion And Lumion Pro

DescriptionLumionLumion Pro
3D model importCollada (.DAE)         SketchUp® (.SKP) Autodesk® (.FBX)    Autodesk® (.DWG) Autodesk® (.DXF)    3DS Max® (.MAX) 3DS Max® (.3DS)     Wavefront (.OBJ)Collada (.DAE)         SketchUp® (.SKP) Autodesk® (.FBX)    Autodesk® (.DWG) Autodesk® (.DXF)    3DS Max® (.MAX) 3DS Max® (.3DS)     Wavefront (.OBJ)
Image importTGA    DDS PSD    JPG BMP    PNGTGA    DDS PSD    JPG BMP    PNG
Material map importColor map Normal map Displacement mapColor map Normal map Displacement map
Video import (MP4)
Lightmap import: E.g. from AutoDesk®
3D Studio Max
2D background sound/music (WAV) 
Model and material variation options 

Difference Between Lumion and Lumion Pro (Quick Comparison)

DescriptionLumionLumion Pro
Floating licenses
Real Skies
Animated phasing 
Rain streaks 
Volumetric fire 
Metallic car shader 
OpenStreetMaps + satellite maps 
Fine-detail Nature 
Aurora Borealis 
Photo Matching
OpenStreetMaps (and height maps) 
Customizable 3D Grasses 
Atmospheric rain and snow 
Furry materials 
Hand-drawn outline effect
Soften hard edges 
Tilt Shift
Model and material
variation options
Measuring tool and grid object
Speedray™ Reflections 
Foliage for materials 
OpenStreetMap import 
Area lights and line lights 
Model library1,928 models
View library
5,840 models
View library
Animated 3D people and animals, some from AXYZ Design118 characters367 characters
Ambient sound effectsNo Sound Effects123 Sound Effects
In-project 3D Text effect
Advanced 3D Title effectsLimited Title effects27 Title effects
12 built-in fonts
Support for custom fonts
Merge project files
(for projects with multiple users)
Output to real-time
fly-through via Lumion Viewer
Main movie Sound effect 
Sound output in MP4

Lumion 11 : Info, System Requirement and Free Download

  • Orthographic view
  • Animated phasing (Pro only)
  • Rain streaks (Pro only)
  • Volumetric fire (Pro only)
  • Micro shadows for spotlights
  • Improved grass lighting
  • Metallic car shader (Pro only)
  • New objects (some Pro only)
  • New materials
  • OSM satellite maps (Pro only)
  • Custom IES spotlights
  • LiveSync for BricsCAD
  • RAL color picker
  • High-quality theater preview
  • Artistic panorama effects
  • Basic tutorials for new users
  • Updated user interface
  • Other workflow improvements
  • Foundation change

Lumion Download Link

  • Download Lumion LiveSync for SketchUp
  • Download Lumion LiveSync for Revit
  • Download Lumion LiveSync for ArchiCAD
  • Download Lumion LiveSync for AutoCAD
  • Download Lumion LiveSync for Rhino
  • Download Lumion LiveSync for Vectorworks
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